How SecuScore Works

SecuScore® is an operational web-based audit application based on progress and maturity model.

What is a progress and maturity model?

SecuScore scores your organization on a progress and maturity axes.

A progress axis shows what standards or end states your organization is implementing, starting from the lowest level where there is only an organizational awareness of the need for standards, all up to the top of the scale where all standards have been implemented to the extent you want and only continuous improvement is in effect.

A maturity axis shows you the level to which you are implementing these standards or end states, compared to your desired level of implementation.

This desired level, or an acceptable level of risk, is defined by the board of directors. The frame of reference used by in the application is defined by this acceptable level of risk. It guarantees SecuScore is fully in line with the management’s vision and translates this vision into an operational assessment tool.

As a result, every corrective and/or mitigation action suggested by SecuScore helps achieving the company objectives.

How does SecuScore rate maturity?

SecuScore rates the maturity of each standard/end state on a scale of -2 to 2, as follows:

  • -2 The final end state is not implemented at all
  • -1 The final end state is implemented on some ressources/elements but not an adequate extent
  • 0 The final end state is implemented to the minimum extent, improvements are required
  • +1 The final end state is implemented to an adequate extent
  • +2 The final end state is implemented to its full extent

The SecuScore Workflow

SecuScore is template based, which means it can be used to audit virtually any field. Templates can be created or customized, and SecuScore compares the audit findings to the template of the audited field, showing you how you meet your own desired levels of standardization and how well you comply with industry-standard best practices and regulations.

“SecuScore ® audits initially allowed us to challenge our analysis and highlighted a series of discrepancies that had not yet been perceived, allowing us to validate our action plans and investments on a factual and measured basis.”

— Richard Le Vaillant, Metalor

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