A 360o toolset for in-depth audit and analysis

From 10.000 feet view to microscopic detail, SecuScore gives you a powerful set of features to understand and compare your position in any level of detail.

Key Features

Template Based

SecuScore compares audit findings to the template of the audited field so you instantly understand your position. Start quickly with an existing template, or customize it match the standards you need. You can even develop your own templates when the need arises.

Clear Reports

Save time and avoid constant confusion – SecuScore produces ready to present reports with an easier reading and understanding of the results. Share the reports as PDF files with anyone you like, or view them directly inside SecuScore.

Comparative Reports

Track your progress by comparing the audit findings to a previous point in time, or compare different sites/locations you own to understand how well each of them is performing.  Comparison reports are the fastest way to reach clear conclusions.


Avoid conflicting information resulting from differences in methods and opinions. SecuScore guarantees audit homogeneity through template and workflow standardization, ensuring any future audit can be easily compared to the current one.

Powerful Documenting

Evidence your findings by uploading files attached to your report. Any file format is supported and you can keep full traceability of every document linked to your audits.

Available Anywhere

SecuScore is a web-based audit application that works on both Mac & PC. There is no installation or configuration involved – it just works.

Feature Spotlight


View all of your locations in a single dashboard and see the latest, previous and initial scores at a glance.  Understand the change trends and quickly spot problem areas so you can take focused action. SecuScore Dashboards give you the kind of operational intelligence you need to make swift decisions and run an effective organization.

...and more

“SecuScore ® audits initially allowed us to challenge our analysis and highlighted a series of discrepancies that had not yet been perceived, allowing us to validate our action plans and investments on a factual and measured basis.”

— Richard Le Vaillant, Metalor

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