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What is SecuScore?

SecuScore is an assessment software based on progress and maturity templates. It guarantees homogeneity for audits and for the workflow. Creating easy to read reports where hundreds of checkpoints are transformed into graphs, SecuScore enables managers to understand the current situation, decide and take actions.


Is SecuScore right for my organization?

SecuScore was developed to fit with any type of organisation, whatever its size or number of employees.


What can I do with SecuScore?

SecuScore will enable you to assess any topic addressed, with the level of detail you need. You can either buy the appropriate template or develop one yourself. It depends on the type of licence you purchase. For more information, see a full list of SecuScore features.


Do I need special IT support or training?

No. SecuScore is easy to understand and to use. You’ll be able to start working with it within half a day maximum.


Who else uses SecuScore?

International groups, cash in transit companies, watchmakers, pharma companies are some examples of SecuScore users.


Will SecuScore work with my process?

SecuScore will adapt to any type of process. It’s one of the big plusses of SecuScore.


How much does it cost?

Usually companies purchase a full instance of SecuScore they install on their severs. The Basic price, no template included is CHF 48’000.-. Then, the more options you purchase, higher the price.


How long until I see the results?

In fact, you’ll get result even before running the first audit when you’ll define what the expected level is and get it validated by the top management. Then, as soon as you’ll start assessing, results will come along.

“Cash and valuables in transit are an increasingly complex industry and SecuScore allows us to stay on the cutting edge of security and quality of service required by our clients. We have increased our capacity to understand and control our operations significantly.”

— Didier Chaudat, TEMIS

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